Gabon’s Opposition Expresses Concerns Over Potential Presidential Election Tampering

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In the aftermath of the recent coup d’État that took place on the morning of August 30th, no official statements have emerged from Ali Bongo’s administration. The opposition, too, has remained silent, although several opposition leaders, when reached out to, have expressed a sense of anticipation.

As they carefully observe the unfolding events, they are keen to gauge the actions of the junta as well as the response from the international community. While the coup caught many by surprise, numerous opposition figures have conveyed that it was not entirely unexpected. One opposition member noted, “Ali Bongo had previously manipulated election results. Such actions were unsustainable. This incident was the tipping point.”

Nevertheless, the majority of these opposition voices do not view the military intervention as a viable solution. General Oligui Nguema, who had maintained close ties with the regime for an extended period, is seen as lacking the embodiment of true change, according to one of the opposition leaders.

Hence, a growing chorus of voices is advocating for Albert Ondo Ossa, the consensus candidate from the prominent Alternance 2023 coalition, as the rightful winner of the election that took place the previous Saturday. “A transitional period isn’t feasible. We possess substantial evidence of his victory. There is a genuine concern that the insurgents might undermine the electoral process and establish a regime reminiscent of the past,” expressed a prominent political figure.

The fear that the military intervention could disregard the results of Saturday’s vote is widely shared. The coup leaders have, indeed, declared the “nullification of the elections” in their initial statements.

Soukaina Sghir

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