Congo-B Wants a Laboratory Capable of Manufacturing Vaccines Against Snake Venom

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Congo-Brazzaville, situated amid the Congo Basin and bordered by extensive forests and savannahs, boasts a diverse range of snakes, including venomous ones. Incidences of snake bites in the country are common and can even result in fatalities. To provide affordable anti-venom to the people, the government plans to establish a laboratory within the nation.

At the end of the day, the minister responsible for scientific research addressed the press to highlight the accomplishments in the field of research and innovation. The focus was on snakes, specifically their potential danger and how to respond in case of a bite.

“The reaction against the bite of these snakes that produce venom requires a certain amount of work. But, above all, the long-term objective is to set up a more sophisticated laboratory in which we will be able to breed these snakes to be able to identify these different venoms. And, ultimately, produce anti-venom at a lower cost”, said Delphine Edith Emmanuel.

Dr. Ghislain Zassi Boulou, a herpetologist researcher at the National Institute for Research in Exact and Natural Sciences, was pleased to hear the announcement. He stated that all seven families of snakes found in Africa are present in Congo. There are 129 known species of snakes in the Congo, out of which 20% are venomous and pose a potential risk to human life.

In the opinion of the researchers, snakes pose a threat to economic activity, fishermen, farmers, and other producers are exposed to their attacks almost daily.

Soukaina Sghir

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