Togo: Using Artificial Intelligence To Meet the Challenges of Agriculture

Soukaina Sghir
Soukaina Sghir
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Farmers in Togo face the challenge of increasing production and reducing losses. Artificial intelligence (AI) can be of assistance in achieving this goal.

With the upheavals of climate change, it is difficult to produce enough, especially since farmers lack the technical means to meet the needs of a growing population. To overcome this, Justin Hankem, engineer and entrepreneur, offers precision agriculture based on AI that wants to innovate the agricultural sector.

“We found that agriculture is still traditional in Togo. It’s still artisanal machinery, lots of pesticides and that doesn’t suit us because, by 2050, to be able to feed the planet, we have to produce 50% more than what we currently produce. So we have developed a solution, an artificial intelligence model associated with an application that we are going to use to control plant diseases, that is to say, to use drones to control plants and know what are the risk areas. But often farmers don’t understand what we are doing. Also, we think that by doing some market research and trying to test the solution, maybe they will be open to what we are doing. We, the young people, if we do not work to have good quality training, if Africa does not start to train in this field of artificial intelligence to overcome this problem of traditional agriculture, our technology is going to be obsolete”, explained Justin Hankem.

Soukaina Sghir

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