Seven Civilians Injured in Durban CBD Botched Robbery Attempt

Afaf Fahchouch
Afaf Fahchouch
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In a shocking incident on Friday afternoon, the bustling streets of Durban’s CBD witnessed a botched robbery that left seven people injured from gunshot wounds. Armed suspects attempted to rob a business on Victoria Street but were unsuccessful in their criminal endeavor. The situation quickly escalated as shots were fired during the failed robbery, causing injuries to seven innocent civilians.

According to Garrith Jamieson of ALS paramedics, the distressing event unfolded just after 3 pm. Among the victims, one person was urgently taken to the hospital privately, while six others sustained various gunshot wounds, with some suffering multiple injuries to their lower limbs. The incident has left the community shaken and highlights the growing concern over public safety in the city.

Authorities are actively investigating the incident and appealing for anyone with information to come forward. As Durban residents and businesses remain on high alert, the incident serves as a grim reminder of the need for enhanced security measures to curb criminal activities in the city’s vibrant CBD.

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