Lagos State Grants Freedom to 30 Prison Inmates

Afaf Fahchouch
Afaf Fahchouch
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In a positive move, the Lagos Command of the Nigerian Correctional Service announced that the Lagos State Government has pardoned and released 30 inmates from prison. The spokesperson of the NCoS Lagos Command, Mr Rotomi Oladokun, confirmed the release, stating that it was carried out following the decision of the Chief Judge of the state, Justice Kazeem Alogba.

The inmates who were released had been convicted of minor offenses, such as assault, disorderliness, low-level shoplifting, road traffic offenses, theft, and burglary. This pardon aims to give these individuals a fresh start and an opportunity to reintegrate into society.

Mr. Oladokun appealed to the state government to thoroughly review the inmate database and consider the possibility of freeing more individuals whose offenses are not of a serious nature. He also encouraged the public to be accepting and supportive of the freed inmates, as their successful reintegration into society is crucial for their rehabilitation and a safer community.


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