Cairo Summit Unites Seven Border Countries to Address the Sudanese War Crisis

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In a bid to find a comprehensive solution to the ongoing crisis in Sudan, the leaders of Eritrea, Chad, Libya, South Sudan, the Central African Republic, and the Prime Minister of Ethiopia convened in Cairo. This high-profile summit, gathering the seven African countries bordering Sudan, aims to establish a collective stance on the Sudanese conflict.

In hosting this gathering, Egypt strategically aims to collaboratively devise a roadmap to alleviate the crisis and halt the bloodshed plaguing Sudan. Moreover, the summit seeks to explore viable measures to minimize the adverse repercussions of the war on the neighboring nations. Cairo aspires to emerge from this conference with a unified position among the participants, emphasizing the rejection of external interference.

Preserving Sudan’s Existence

The official statement released by the Egyptian presidency underscores the imperative of safeguarding the Sudanese state, which is gravely threatened by the ongoing conflict. Each of these countries has experienced the tangible consequences of the war at various levels, encompassing security, economic, and social aspects. Notably, the influx of thousands of refugees into border areas has burdened these nations.

Initiating a New Approach

By convening this summit, Egypt seeks to reclaim its prominence on the regional and African stage, aiming to restore its central role that had waned over the past few decades. Cairo’s objective is to achieve what previous attempts, such as the US-Saudi mediation and the Igad summit, could not accomplish in recent weeks.

Critical Timing and Escalating Concerns

The international community is raising alarm bells as the Sudanese conflict enters its fourth month and spirals into a new, alarming phase of heightened violence. Both factions are arming civilian populations, prompting the United Nations to warn of the potential for a “global civil war.” The Cairo summit, therefore, arrives at a highly critical juncture.

The Cairo summit serves as a significant initiative to address the deteriorating situation in Sudan, with the leaders of seven neighboring countries striving to find a collective resolution. By pursuing a united front against the crisis and opposing foreign interference, Egypt aims to not only preserve Sudan’s existence but also mitigate the widespread impact of the conflict on the region. This crucial gathering endeavors to reestablish Egypt’s diplomatic influence, to fill the void left by previous mediation efforts. As the situation in Sudan reaches a critical tipping point, the summit can bring much-needed stability and peace to the troubled nation.

Soukaina Sghir

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