Enhancing Security.. European Diplomat, Josep Borrell, Engages with Niger’s Head of State

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Josep Borrell

During his visit to Niger, Josep Borrell, the Head of European Diplomacy, held crucial discussions with President Mohamed Bazoum on various political, security, and migration matters. Accompanied by President Bazoum, Borrell inaugurated a remarkable 30 MW solar power plant in Niamey, set to provide electricity to approximately 500,000 individuals and seize the opportunity. Following the inauguration, a press conference was held to address the pressing issues at hand.

Niger has emerged as a crucial partner for European nations in the Sahel region, and Borrell commended the country’s remarkable stability. He expressed full support for President Bazoum’s vision, emphasizing the pivotal role leaders like him play in shaping the future of the Sahel. Borrell recognized Niger’s significant efforts in managing the flow of migration towards Europe, acknowledging the challenge posed by traffickers who endanger lives by smuggling migrants through the desert.

Niger will receive 320 million euros from the Facility Fund to equip its Defense and Security Forces. This aid marks a first for an African country and will enhance the strike capabilities of Nigerien armed forces, according to Borrell.

Expressing concern over the departure of the United Nations Multidimensional Integrated Stabilization Mission in Mali (MINUSMA), Borrell criticized the move, considering it unfavorable news for the people of Mali.

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