Russia-Africa Summit to Boost Cooperation Between the Russian Federation and the Republic of Congo

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The Russian ambassador to the Congo, Mr. Gueorguy Tchepik, has declared that the Congo’s participation in the Economic and Humanitarian Forum, scheduled to take place in Russia in July, on the fringes of the Russia-Africa summit, will boost cooperation between the Russian Federation and the Republic of the Congo in various sectors.

Mr. Gueorguy Tchepik made this statement at an audience granted to him by the Minister for International Cooperation and Public-Private Partnership, Mr. Denis Christel Sassou Nguesso.

Mr. Tchepik recalled that the two countries have long-standing ties of friendship, and expressed his certainty that the Congolese delegation’s participation would be a success and would give a boost to cooperation between the two countries.

Discussions between the two parties focused on issues relating to the Congolese delegation’s participation in these two events. They also discussed the signing of certain agreements during these 2 events.

On this occasion, Mr. Tchepik announced to his interlocutor that the Congolese delegation accompanying the Head of State, Mr. Denis Sassou-N’Guesso, was expected in St Petersburg by the President of the Russian Federation, Mr. Vladmir Putin, the members of his government and the heads of Russian companies.

The second Russia-Africa summit aims to promote efforts to strengthen comprehensive and equitable cooperation between Russia and African countries in all areas of society.

Jihan Rmili

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