Sudan: Bus Drivers Tell of the Situation of Refugees to Egypt

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Several Sudanese families have taken refuge at the border with Egypt, to get away from the war that has been going on for more than a month between the two armies. These families find it difficult to cross the border due to many constraints.

Sudanese bus drivers carrying Sudanese fleeing the war rest in the car park of the Egyptian village of Wadi Karkar, near the southern city of Aswan.

In this context, a Sudanese bus driver told the press that they collect Sudanese who have been displaced from Khartoum to the north and then they are transported to Aswan.

Regarding the constraints encountered, another bus driver revealed that there are no passports or visas, and therefore people are stuck in Halfa (Wadi Halfa border town), due to the lack of buses, even though the buses have been traveling to Sudan and Egypt for 15 days.

Moreover, the number of refugees arriving in Egypt has reached more than 132,000 since the beginning of the war, according to the International Organization for Migration.

In this regard, the head of the International Organization for Migration’s mission in Egypt warned that more than one million people have been displaced inside Sudan and on the country’s external borders, calling for an immediate ceasefire and a cessation of violence and hostilities to avoid worsening the humanitarian situation of the population.

Jihan Rmili

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