Moroccan and African Stars Light up the Sky of Rabat During the International Concert

maryam lahbal
maryam lahbal
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A group of Moroccan artists and others from various African countries colored Rabat nights with the melodies and rhythms of the African continent, which chose Rabat as the capital of its culture.

On Tuesday evening, the audience actively shook their hands and bodies in various chants as they made the pilgrimage to enjoy and watch the various artistic performances.

Abeer Al-Abed inaugurated the international concert with the slogan “Home is Africa”, accompanied by a Moroccan orchestra that played various authentic Moroccan songs to entertain the audience. The most famous artists of the Brown continent participated in the concert.

The audience interacted with the evening’s program with great enthusiasm, and in a statement to “Weafrica24”, one of the attendees said: “I liked the concert very much. We enjoyed such evenings with these Moroccan stars, and it also provided us with an important opportunity to get familiar with the other African musical styles.”

Moroccan artists enjoyed a variety of their most famous songs, headed by the young artist Manal Benshelikha, who in turn expressed her happiness to meet the audience again.

The concert ended with the rhythms of the artist “Gims”, who entertained the audience with a long list of his most famous songs. The international star also expressed his great joy at meeting the Moroccan audience, and visiting Morocco again, to enjoy the most wonderful thing that his artistic career gave birth to.

Maryam Lahbal

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