African Ministers of Culture Celebrate the Last Days of Rabat, the Capital of African Culture

maryam lahbal
maryam lahbal
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The Ministry of Youth, Culture, and Communication organized, today, Monday in Rabat, a communication meeting that brought together a group of countries, to celebrate the last days of Rabat as the capital of African culture, and to strengthen the cultural interdependence that brings together African countries and Morocco in the field of cultural investment and to introduce the identity of Moroccan and African culture on a large scale.

In this regard, Mohamed El Mahdi Bensaïd, Minister of Youth, Culture, and Communication, stressed that “this ministerial meeting is one of the important meetings that the Ministry of Culture has adopted to celebrate Rabat as the capital of African culture, as this ministerial meeting also came to take into account all the conclusions reached by the Ministry.” Culture this year is one of the activities and events that enhance the identity of African culture.

Bensaïd added, in his statement to “Weafrica24”, that “this is the first experience for Morocco, and for the African continent in general, and its most important goal is the involvement of African countries in these events, which lasted until today for a whole year and witnessed the interaction of a group of African countries, which made Morocco and the world recognize On a group of its different and diverse arts and cultures.

The minister highlighted that “all the efforts of the Ministry of Culture this year came as an opportunity to highlight the cultural dimension, the exchange of cultures, and the most important dimension also is the economic dimension by encouraging investment in the cultural field, similar to other fields that witness strong investments.”

Bensaïd continued, saying, “These joint strategies are important to deliver the cultural industry, especially to major companies, and this strategy has reflected positively, as a group of African ministers and ministers of a group of Arab countries also noted what African culture has become after this cooperation”.

Nevin Youssef Mohamed Al-Kilani, the Egyptian Minister of Culture, praised, in her interview with “Weafrica24”, the efforts made by the Egyptian Ministry of Culture, highlighting the importance of the common strategic dimension between Arab and African countries to remove the curtain on the most important details of Arab cultures and protect them from any theft other than justification.

The Egyptian minister added, “This ministerial meeting also came to activate the cultural talks between Egypt and the participating countries unanimously for more cooperation and cultural interdependence.”

Maryam Lahbal

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