Rwanda: Paul Kagame Visits People Displaced by Floods

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On Friday 12th, Rwandan President Paul Kagame visited Rubavu, one of the districts worst affected by the floods that killed 131 people in Rwanda.

During the field visit, the president observed the damage and addressed the displaced people in the Inyemeramihigo camp, expressing his sadness to see his citizens in this distressing situation and promising to deploy all necessary means to help them and improve their situation.

The floods have caused enormous material damage. Indeed, some 50 schools and essential infrastructure have been destroyed, including electricity networks, roads, bridges, and water stations.

Thousands of people are homeless because of the destruction of thousands of houses, according to a provisional assessment.

One of the displaced people in the Inyemeramihigo camp expressed to the media his joy at the visit of the Rwandan president as a sign of solidarity and empathy in this disastrous situation.

To cope with the negative consequences of such natural disasters, the Minister of Infrastructure, Ernest Nsabimana said he had allocated 98.5 million dollars to ensure the resilience of new infrastructure to these disasters. s infrastructure to withstand such disasters.

Uganda and the eastern part of the Democratic Republic of Congo have not been spared from the floods, which have killed nearly 400 people.

In general, East Africa is often subject to extreme weather conditions during the rainy season, causing floods and landslides.

Jihan Rmili

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