Tunisia: The Attack on the Ghriba Synagogue was Premeditated

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The Tunisian Interior Minister, Kamel Fekih, stated on Thursday that the attack on the Ghriba synagogue by a national guard resulted in the death of 5 people and the injury of a dozen.

This national guard, Kamel Fekih said, had intentionally targeted the Djerba synagogue in a premeditated act, calling on the security services to be vigilant and prepared to face any attempt to undermine the security of the country, the society, and foreigners who are in Tunisia whether for tourist, professional or religious reasons.

The minister also praised the courage of the security forces, who killed the gunman responsible for the attack, named Wissam Khazri, just after he arrived outside the synagogue complex.

To investigate the death of a French citizen in this attack, the anti-terrorist prosecutor’s office has opened an investigation in this sense.

The attack on the synagogue is a further blow to the tourism sector in Tunisia, which is already experiencing political and economic crises.

Jihan Rmili

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