Eastern Cape Violence Surges with Homes Torched and Residents under Attack

Afaf Fahchouch
Afaf Fahchouch
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In rural Eastern Cape, violence has escalated, causing dozens of homes to be burned down, and leaving residents of Majola Village near Port St Johns feeling terrorized. Local businesswoman Azida Ahmad has pointed out a man who she alleges is responsible for the criminal attacks at her home. Ahmad reported the multiple attacks she faced since 2012 to visiting police officials.

Despite reporting these incidents to the authorities, there has been little action. Two schoolboys murdered her at her doorstep in the latest incident. Community members have reported feeling like victims of terrorism in their own homes and that human life no longer has value in their community.

Madolo Nozazela expressed a lack of hope in officials during an Imbizo, stating that their community has lost 14 people. Nolungile Moniwa also stated that shortly after, people throw women out of their homes and fire gunshots. Police officials have announced that they will deploy officers from various provinces to target the culprits in the area.

As the violence continues to surge in Eastern Cape, residents are pleading for the authorities to take action and protect them. The situation has become so severe that community members feel they are no longer safe in their own homes, with reports of multiple attacks and murders.

Despite the deployment of officers from various provinces, Eastern Cape residents still require more comprehensive measures to ensure their safety and bring an end to the violence.

Afaf Al Fahchouch

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