Chad: Two Chadian Rebel Groups have Appeared in the Central African Republic Side

jihane rmili
jihane rmili
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Chadian rebel groups have reportedly appeared in the far north of the Central African Republic, across from the province of Logone Oriental in southern Chad.

Demonstrators have formed these groups in response to the repression of their demonstrations against the extension of the transition in Chad.

After initial attacks attributed to these Chadian rebel Groups, the Chadian transitional government set up a military base in Goré, near its border with the Central African Republic.

Among these rebels, there is the MRST group, which is mostly made up of Southerners who had already taken up arms in the 1980s.

This group consists of up to 3,000 fighters in training and no leader has emerged in this group, according to Chadian sources.

Chadian rebels raise concerns for the government

A French researcher has estimated that there are approximately 1,000 Chadian rebels located near Paoua in the Central African Republic, which is just across the border from Goré. The presence of these armed groups in the region has raised concerns for the transitional government of Chad. Aziz Mahamat Saleh, the spokesperson for the government, acknowledges the potential threat posed by these rebels.

The appearance of the Chadian rebels on the Central African side has caused alarm for the transitional government of Chad due to the proximity of the location. The French researcher’s estimate of approximately 1,000 fighters and the RPJET’s claim to have around 100 fighters have heightened concerns. The rebels’ presence near Paoua has also raised questions about the possibility of establishing a rear base in the area.

In response to the situation, the government of Chad is closely monitoring the developments and is working to address the potential threat posed by these Chadian rebels. The transitional government acknowledges the need for a strategic approach to deal with the issue effectively. The government has not disclosed any specific plan or measures that they will be taking to address the situation, but it is clear that they are taking the matter seriously.

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