Indian Businessman Opens Clinic in Kinshasa to Provide Free Health Care to the Indigent

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A clinic was inaugurated yesterday by Indian businessman Harish Jagtani in Kinshasa in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), with the aim of providing free health care to the poor and other vulnerable people.

The founder explained that the clinic, run by the HJ Foundation, can accommodate 300 people a day.

The choice of Kinshasa was not a pure coincidence. Kinshasa has one of the highest death rates from tropical diseases on the continent. Thus, ¾ of the population suffers from poverty, which makes access to care difficult.

The owner, Harish Jagtani, explained that his hospital offers 100% free care, adding that the Congo has given him a lot and that it is time to give back.

As for the types of care offered, the founder explained that there are different types of care: there is a prosthesis service, a dialysis service as well as an ophthalmology service available to patients.

In addition, the eligibility of patients is verified for certain procedures. Indeed, investigations are required to verify that the patient is poor, especially for appropriate care such as dialysis or eye surgery.

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