Uganda: International Outcry after the Vote of a Very Repressive Law Against Homosexuals

maryam lahbal
maryam lahbal
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President Museveni has 30 days to promulgate this text adopted Tuesday evening, but condemnations are already raining down. This controversial text has not been published, but people already know its very repressive content.

“It’s probably one of the worst texts of its kind in the world,” said Volker Türk. The High Commissioner for Human Rights called on President Museveni not to enact this “draconian, devastating and very disturbing” law, according to the UN diplomat. A project “deeply repressive which institutionalizes discrimination”, reacted to Amnesty. On Thursday, the United States, United Kingdom, and Human Rights Watch also denounced the vote on this law.

According to various observers, the text provides for the death penalty for the offense of “aggravated homosexuality”. This concerns, for example, repeat offenders, or anyone who has a relationship with a disabled person, thus denying them “the right to have consensual relationships”, according to the organization…

The law provides for life imprisonment for the offense of simple homosexuality. 14 years of detention for an attempt between a fine and six months for those who would not denounce a homosexual. Family and friends supporting their LGBT loved ones, therefore, expose themselves to prison. Organizing a gay wedding can lead to ten years in prison. Also, ten years, if you provide real estate assistance, for example by renting a room to a gay couple.

As for those who promote homosexuality, they risk 20 years in prison. This concerns advocacy organizations or anyone distributing material encouraging homosexuality. “A system of total censorship,” denounced Human Rights Watch.

Maryam Lahbal

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