In Madagascar, the High Constitutional Court Cornered by Parliamentarians

maryam lahbal
maryam lahbal
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The body ruled that the President of the National Assembly had been right to consider inadmissible the motion of censure tabled against the government by parliamentarians. These are outraged.

On December 7, two-thirds of the deputies tabled a motion of censure against the government. The same evening, the President of the Republic brought together around sixty deputies from his party to demand that they backtrack. The next day, the President of the National Assembly announced that the motion of censure was inadmissible.

This a clear violation of the separation of powers, in the eyes of some deputies, who filed a petition with the High Constitutional Court.

Since then, the HCC has delivered its opinion, agreeing with the President of the National Assembly. An inadmissible decision, for many parliamentarians, who yesterday denounced “the flagrant lack of independence” of this Court.

Maryam Lahbal

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