CDC Africa Chief Calls for Strengthening Health Security to Address Disease Threats

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The Acting Director of the African Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC Africa), Ahmed Ogwell Ouma has called for the strengthening of health security in Africa to address the various health threats.

The official said in a statement that the emergence of infectious diseases is a sign that the continent’s health security is inadequate and needs to be enhanced.

The statement by the head of CDC Africa is part of the center’s commitment to supporting Tanzania and neighboring countries in controlling the Marburg virus disease outbreak.

In this context, the official called on the government to share information promptly to respond more effectively to the threats of the virus in the affected countries.

CDC Africa, as the specialized health agency of the African Union (AU), last week launched a 2022-2026 strategic plan, which will provide strategic direction and support to AU member countries during this period.

The strategic plan is part of the agency’s efforts to strengthen Africa’s health security for a safer, healthier, more coordinated, and more prosperous Africa.

Jihan Rmili

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