International Sports Press Association/Africa Congress to be held in Dakar

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The Congress of the International Sports Press Association/Africa will be held in Dakar from 23 to 25 February. During this Congress, a new president of the AIPS/Africa will be elected.

The current president of the National Association of the Senegalese Sports Press ANPS, Abdoulaye Thiam is among the candidates for the presidency of this association.

In a statement to the press, Abdoulaye Thiam highlighted the role of ANPS as the most important association in Senegal, adding that during the last World Cup, 62 Senegalese journalists were mobilized in the framework of ANPS activities, which prompted other African colleagues to propose Senegal for the presidency of the AIPS/Africa

Knowing that the current president of AIPS/Africa is from Nigeria, Senegal is a candidate for the presidency thanks to the echo that ANPS has produced in Senegal and that could serve Africa.

The candidate Abdoulaye Thiam presented his program to the press, which is based on 5 axes, including the good representation of all the regions of Africa within the future board, a good representation of women journalists, the involvement of the doyens of the press so that they can bring an added value thanks to their experience.

Jihan Rmili

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