Brazzaville: 54th ministerial session of the UN Standing Advisory Committee on the DRC security situation

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The 54th ministerial session of the United Nations Standing Advisory Committee on Security Questions in Central Africa held on Monday in Brazzaville, discussed the security situation in the eastern part of the Republic of Congo (DRC), where the rebels of the 23 March Movement (M23) are active and sowing “terror and desolation”.

This ministerial session is expected to result in a number of resolutions with a view to strengthening dialogue, the only way to bring peace and security to conflict areas in the sub-region. End

This ministerial session aims to strengthen the dialogue and have a number of resolutions in order to bring about peace and security in the conflict zones.

Presiding over the ceremony, the Congolese Prime Minister, Anatole Collinet Makosso, expressed his country’s condemnation of all the violence perpetrated in the east of the DRC, notably the latest attack on a church in the province of North Kivu which left more than a dozen dead and nearly forty injured.

Collinet Makosso said that his country is very concerned about the violence perpetrated by the M23 rebel group, which is taking parts of the national territory hostage and leaving the civilian population in a precarious situation.

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