Sierra Leone: Inflation has disrupted eating habits

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The inflation rate in Sierra Leone has risen by 35% in just one year, which has affected people’s eating habits.

While some people have started to cook rather than buy wholesale products in the markets, some Sierra Leoneans have been forced to reduce the number of meals to one a day because of rising prices.

To eat a satisfying meal that can sustain the whole day, customers have to pay 15 Leones instead of 7.

Inflation has pushed the vendors to increase the prices of the meals to make a minimum of profit. Prices change overnight and vendors are worried about the cost of fresh vegetables, which have a short shelf life, which has led some to sell basic ingredients such as rice.

The cost of food has risen due to the Russia-Ukraine conflict and the lack of urban agriculture, which increases the country’s dependence.

Jihan Rmili

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