Somali president wants to flush out “Shebab bed bugs”

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Somali President Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud called on Thursday to flush out radical Shebab Islamists, described as “bedbugs”, who have been fighting the federal government supported by the international community since 2007.

“I appeal to you, people of Mogadishu, the Kharijites (renegade) are among you… So flush them out. They are in your houses, they are your neighbors, they drive past you,” the official said. Head of State in front of a large crowd.

“I want us to commit today to flush them out, they are like bed bugs under our clothes,” he added during this high-security rally organized by the authorities in a stadium in the capital to mobilize against the Shebab, a group affiliated with Al-Qaeda.

“People are weary of massacres, killings, and other crimes and they are now saying to Shebab: Enough is enough”, continued the Somali president.

In early July, clans in Hiran province revolted against Islamist insurgents.

The government of Hassan Cheikh Mohamoud, which has promised “total war” against the Islamist group, sent the army – including special forces – in September to support these militias known as “macawisley”.

Maryam Lahbal


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