Benin: Pro-government parties win 81 of 109 seats in parliament

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Benin’s Constitutional Court declared that the parties of President Patrice Talon’s camp had won the maturity of chairs in Benin’s parliament, following a vote kept by the opposition’s participation and which saw a participation rate of 37.79%.

Indeed, the president of the Constitutional Court, Razaki Amouda Issifou said that the Progressive Union for Renewal (UP-R) and the Republican Bloc (BR) won 81 of the 109 seats in Parliament. The main opposition party Les Démocrates won 28 seats in the election.

This is the first time the opposition has participated in the elections since the arrival in 2016 of President Patrice Talon, who is known for having promoted the economic development of the country, but the non-participation of the opposition has led its detractors to accuse it of rolling back democracy, referring to the fact that “the majority of its opponents are either in exile or in prison”.

Yesterday, Democratic Party leader Eric Houndete said his party “rejects the provisional results, accusing the pro-government parties of ballot box stuffing and vote buying”.

Jihan Rmili

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