The DRC denounces the indecency” of Kagame on the reception of refugees

Soukaina Sghir
Soukaina Sghir
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Kinshasa accused Rwandan President Paul Kagame of “instrumentalizing for political purposes” Congolese refugees in Rwanda, “the paroxysm of indecency” according to the DRC government.

Before the Rwandan Senate, Paul Kagame declared that his country could “not continue to welcome refugees” from the DRC. “I refuse to allow Rwanda to bear this burden,” he added, in the latest episode of heightened tensions between Kigali and Kinshasa.

“This is proof that human rights have no value for the Rwandan president,” Patrick Muyaya, spokesman for the government of the Democratic Republic of Congo, told the press, accusing Paul Kagame of “blackmailing to the international community on human lives, flouting all the legal texts on the matter”.

“It’s inhuman”, he insisted, adding: “The Congolese refugees are instrumentalized because there is a political calculation behind it, it is the paroxysm of indecency”.

According to him, these remarks by Paul Kagame aim to divert “international awareness from the responsibility of Rwanda, through the (rebel movement of) M23, in the aggression of the DRC, in the massacre of Kishishe”, further estimated Patrick Muyaya.

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