Legislative elections in Benin: The opposition is present in the vote

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Today, Beninese began voting to elect their 109 deputies in a calm that characterized the streets of the economic capital Cotonou. However, the election was marked by the return of the opposition, after 4 years of absence under the regime of President Patrice Talon.

According to observers, President Talon has always favoured a model of economic development but with a backward step in democracy as several opposition members are either in exile or in prison.

Moreover, during the legislative elections organised in 2019, the opposition could not participate because of the tightening of the voting rules that required two specific formations of the presidential camp. In addition, there was deadly violence and abstention from the elections was record high. Now, local media have reported that the situation is calm.

The Minister of Defence Fortunet Alain Nouatin called on the population to vote in the 8,000 available centres, assuring that all security arrangements are in place for the proper conduct of the vote.
The rate of voting by citizens remains higher than in 2019, as citizens need to change the deputies and have representative deputies of the people.

According to the new electoral code, of the 109 to be appointed, at least 24 women must be elected, and the results are expected in the course of next week.

Jihan Rmili

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