Burkina Faso: Taxing Enraged Teachers

nour el houda bouzammour
nour el houda bouzammour
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The fund, announced on December 9, the main aim of raising around 100 billion CFA francs, in particular, to provide payments and equipment to the Volunteers Defending the Fatherland (VDP).

According to Economy Minister Aboubacar Nacanabo, the rest of VDP and its equipment will require to be worth CFA 106 billion.

An envelope not included in the 2023 budget, which already puts him in the red of 600 billion CFA francs.

Therefore, President Ibrahim Traoré intends to call on the Burkinabe for solidarity efforts.

The current administration, headed by Interim President Ibrahim Traoré, has identified many opportunities for this voluntary donation by citizens of Burkina Faso.

in addition to imposing 1% on the net wages of public and private employees, it also imposes 1% on certain consumer goods such as alcohol, tobacco, internet, cosmetics and perfumes.

On the other hand teachers, like all workers, do not have the resources to make such contributions, according to Suleiman Badiel, coordinator of the National Coordination of Education Unions (CNSE).


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