FIFM: Moroccan Director Debates LGBTQ Rights

nour el houda bouzammour
nour el houda bouzammour
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Located in Sale, a town next to the capital Rabat, “The Blue Caftan” narrates the story of Halim and his wife Mina, who create and sell traditional clothes in one of Morocco’s oldest souqs. Their relationship is broken by the arrival of a handsome young apprentice who is in love with Youssef.

“I think we’re starting to be more open today because we’re starting to see articles about the LGBT community in the media that haven’t been mentioned before. It’s starting to get press and media attention, and that’s a big step forward, but I think there is still a long way to go,” explained the director.

Touzani, a pre-Oscar nominee in the international feature film category, hopes the work will change mindsets and be accepted.

At least 70 percent of the population reported experiencing some form of violence because of their sexual orientation, according to local media reports.

“Blue Caftan” is a strong work of art that envisions a world where old times and spaces for evolution can be appreciated.

This is the second time a Moroccan film has been nominated for an Oscar, after French-Moroccan director roschdy zem, “ Omar killed me “


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