2022 World Cup: We can expect Morocco to benefit from this remarkable course

nour el houda bouzammour
nour el houda bouzammour
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Morocco now is in very important competition with challengers, especially the Arabs, whether Algeria or Egypt, who will do everything to shine. But we have to be realistic. Football is very important in politics. We’ve seen it all this month. But winning in diplomacy and winning in sports are two different things.

Diplomatic gains, diplomacy is something other than football. However, we can count on Morocco to effectively capitalize on this remarkable journey at the World Cup, especially in Africa, because we know that Morocco has a very active African diplomacy. The challenge to win the African Cup of Nations in two years has already been launched, or at least to shine there, that’s for sure.

In sports, of course, even if you come first in your group and beat two very big teams in Europe, you have very little chance. It was a fine and well-prepared performance. Once again, 13 years later, this football academy near Rabat, founded in 2009, is doing very well.

Morocco also welcomed a Moroccan coach for the first time. the aspect of nationalism is very strong, with a celebration befitting a great football nation when a team returns home, and images of it have spread across Africa and the Arab world.

Morocco scored points as the first African, Arab and Maghreb nation to reach this level of international football competition. This is a valuable point and of course, very much appreciated. We know the passion for football across the Maghreb which is very strong in Algeria as well. The challenges they face are clear, but this time it was clearly Morocco’s.

Knowing that international politics, real politics, reigns. Then there is the mind. It is not surprising that in the hearts of Moroccans there is such a strong affection for the Palestinians when the country and kingdom so often claim ties to Israel. It has become a hot topic in recent years, especially since the Arab Spring, for a variety of reasons.



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