Edole Africa: a digital platform for the construction industry, celebrates its second anniversary

nour el houda bouzammour
nour el houda bouzammour
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Digital platforms for the construction industry have been around for two years. At a press conference held in Lomé on Thursday 22nd  December 2022, the first manager of this organization that provides high-quality work and construction equipment Edole Africa said.

Edolé Africa “There is a lot of work in Africa” ​​is especially aimed at construction companies and public works companies and strives to meet their personnel needs to organize construction teams at any time. It enables the entrepreneurial organization and the structuring of professional groups.

It is also a platform for promoting a culture of attendance and integrating the need and benefits of adhering to execution details into workers’ mindsets.

Edolé Africa’s biggest challenge for this platform is to master and expand it across Togo, bringing employment to Togolese people anywhere in the country’s territory and better improving the BTP ecosystem and industrial sector in Togo. Influencing the improvement of the BTP ecosystem, employability, and innovation.

Today, the company’s portfolio is estimated at over 100 corporate clients he has rather than individuals.




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