The CiMRA75 renews its request to put pressure on the Algerian authorities

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On the eve of the 47th anniversary of the arbitrary expulsion of thousands of Moroccan citizens legally residing in Algeria, the International Collective in Support of Families of Moroccan Origin Expelled from Algeria-1975 (CiMRA75) condemned the decision of the Algerian authorities to expel thousands of Moroccan citizens legally residing in Algeria.

The International Collective reiterated its request to all national and international bodies and organisations working for peace and justice to “put pressure on the Algerian authorities so that they recognise the violations suffered by these citizens, remind them of their clear responsibilities in the drama they are living through, and compensate them for the damages they have suffered”.

The International Collective and the Moroccan Human Rights Organisation had presented a memorandum for the creation of a parliamentary commission to investigate the tragedy of the Moroccans arbitrarily expelled from Algeria, without prior warning.

This initiative aims to obtain the contribution of the legislative institution in documenting this tragedy and guaranteeing the rights of the victims to reparation for the moral and material damage they have suffered and continue to suffer at the hands of the Algerian government.

Jihane Rmili

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