Somalia: New Somali Military operation Kills 50 Al-Shabab Fighters

Afaf Fahchouch
Afaf Fahchouch
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A Somali security operation led by the intelligence and the army in the Johai region of the Middle Shabelle region, central of the country, killed 79 militants from the “Al Shabab Fighters” movement, including a prominent leader.

The attack, which was carried out by the Somali army in cooperation with “international partners”, led to the killing of the prominent leader of the “Al Shabaab Fighters” Youssef Jankab, and 78 of the movement’s militants, according to a statement by the Ministry of Information.

The statement stressed that Jankab was among the dangerous leaders in recruitment operations for the movement, and contributed to the recruitment of many young men.

The Somali government has been waging a war against the “Al Shabab Fighters” movement since its founding in 2004, which is ideologically affiliated with Al-Qaeda.

Afaf Al Fahchouch

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