His Majesty to the National Team: “We congratulate you for this unprecedented historical achievement”

Afaf Fahchouch
Afaf Fahchouch
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King Mohammed VI sent a cable of congratulations to the members of the Moroccan national football team, After their match with the Croatian national team.

The Royal telegram stated: “We followed with great pleasure and joy your brilliant path in the 2022 FIFA World Cup competitions in Qatar where you were able, deservedly to reach the semi-finals, in the first and most splendid brilliance of its kind for Moroccan, Arab and African football.  in the finals of this global sporting event.

The king said, “As we congratulate you on this unprecedented historical achievement, we express to you our deepest thanks and our deepest pride in what you have accomplished during this great football forum, of wonderful performance and distinguished discipline, which reflects high professionalism, strong competitiveness, sincere patriotic jealousy and lofty human values.” 

The king’s telegram added, “As much as you have pleased the Moroccan people, and the various brotherly and friendly masses, especially the Arab and African ones, who have followed your impressive achievement with all love, pride and admiration, as much as you have witnessed the world, rightly, with the height of your heels, and the firmness of your determination stemming from the strength of your faith and love.” 

Mohammed VI addressed on his cable of congratulations to players, coaches, technical and medical staff, managers and staff of the Royal Moroccan Football Federation.

Furthermore, the king affirmed that his Majesty prayed to God to protect all the team and inspire them with more success and repayment to continue moving forward, with the same determination, commitment and competitive spirit, and achieve more.  

Afaf Al Fahchouch

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