Gabon: New Hearings in Nzouba-Ndama Case

nour el houda bouzammour
nour el houda bouzammour
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On Friday, December 16, the Nzouba-Ndama’s attorneys and prosecutors appealed. the French Court of Appeals prosecutor’s office requested retrospective reconsideration of contraband and irregular detention of contraband.

The Cases are reserved until December 23rd. Guy Nzouba’s attorneys now believe the file is empty. In the case of Lubin Ntoutoume, whether money is a commodity or not, the concept of a commodity had to be redefined, simply a review of the provisions of the Community Customs Code.

Within the territory of CEMAC [Central African Economic and Monetary Community] from Gabon to Congo. There is no importation possible, no goods without importation, and therefore no contraband, and therefore no irregular detention of contraband. We proved it in court. ”

On October 25, the Franceville Correctional Court dismissed the contraband charges, accused the opponents of money laundering, and ordered a reopening of the investigation.

Furthermore, the lawyer asked, ‘When in doubt, there are simple rules in criminal cases. Doubt has always benefited the defendant.’ In fact, this file contains nothing. I asked the judge to be a little bolder. Relaxation must be pronounced», emphasizes Lubin Ntoutoume.


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