Cameroon: 6 years after its ban, bagged whiskey is still on sale

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Despite the ban on the sale of whiskey in sachets and cans by the Cameroonian government six years ago, these drinks are still on the market. However, they represent a big danger to the health of populations.

It was in 2016 that the Cameroonian government banned the sale of whiskey in sachets and cans throughout the national territory. The main reason was the harmfulness of these products to the health of consumers.

Indeed, in view of multiple expert reports, it had been concluded that these liqueurs expose consumers to several diseases which generally lead to death when the patients are not victims of irreversible paralysis.

At the neurology department of the Yaoundé Central Hospital, for example, doctors maintain that out of 10 addictive consumers, 3 are exposed to neurological diseases.

On the other hand, other doctors claim that the recurrence of strokes observed in recent years in Cameroon is linked to the excessive consumption of alcohol and more specifically to the consumption of whiskey in sachets or cans.

Soukaina Sghir

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