How involved is the US in Africa? Worth $55 billion, according to the White House

Soukaina Sghir
Soukaina Sghir
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“The United States plans to inject $55 billion into Africa over the next three years across a range of sectors to address the major challenges of our time,” Sullivan: the national safety adviser said, “These commitments build on America’s longstanding leadership and partnership in Africa’s development, economic growth, health and security.”

“I will share with you the details of these results as the summit progresses,” he added.

The U.S. will show its commitment to the African continent with a $55 billion pledge, Jake said Monday on the eve of a three-day summit of 50 major African delegations in Washington.

Responding to questions from VOA, Sullivan stressed that the funding was not contingent on African countries condemning Russia’s aggression in Ukraine. In March, shortly after the invasion began, 17 African countries abstained from voting at the United Nations condemning Russia.

“We are not pointing a gun at anyone’s head,” Sullivan replied, adding, “We are raising voices against these flagrant violations of the United Nations Charter in every country in the world.” We will work with passion and tenacity to raise the bar,” he added. In light of this Summit, we do not impose any conditions on our decisions. ”

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