African health market attracts Indian investors

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India is trying to strengthen ties with Africa in several areas, especially in the health sector. Indeed, health-related businesses are increasingly developing in Africa and India is encouraging young African doctors to complete their training in India.

There are several examples of Africans who have continued their medical studies in India, explaining that Africa is not a developed continent, with no medical infrastructure in place or specialised training.

Regarding Indian investment in Africa, pharmaceutical experts say that the African market is a natural market for Indian pharmaceutical companies because India is the world’s largest supplier of generic drugs, which sell at a quarter of the price of a branded equivalent.

The wide gap between supply and demand and the supply of medicines in Africa makes the continent a potential customer for Indian investors, who see the shortage of medicines and equipment in many African countries as an opportunity to expand and achieve high growth, despite blockages in customs clearance and import regulations.

Jihane Rmili

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