Sudan without electricity, will the country live under darkness?

Afaf Fahchouch
Afaf Fahchouch
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The Sudanese media revealed that there is a complete across the country Today, Saturday, due to a malfunction in the Merowe Dam, which may make the country live in darkness tonight if the problem is not fixed.

Months ago, reports warned of technical problems threatening the Merowe Dam to stop producing electricity.

The Sudanese Dam suffered problems with gates No. 3 and 6 since the fall of 2020, According to a report by “AlSudani” newspaper.

The same source revealed that temporary maintenance was carried out on gate number 6, but new technical problems appeared during the fall of 2021 in Gates No. 5 and 8, which were temporarily dealt with by employees of the power station before separating departments, in addition to not transferring the “hydro-mechanics” department to the Ministry of Irrigation, which led to a major defect in playback.

Afaf Al Fahchouch

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