Democratic Republic of the Congo: the ordeal of the survivors of the Kishishe massacre

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The Mungote IDP camp, in the locality of Kitshanga, in Masisi territory, eastern DRC. Several people who escaped the Kishishe massacre of November 29, attributed to the M23 rebels, are crowded here. They travelled dozens of kilometres on foot to seek shelter.

According to a preliminary UN investigation, at least 131 civilians were executed that day by the M23 “March 23 Movement”, a predominantly Tutsi rebellion that in recent months has seized large swaths of the territory of Rutshuru, a neighbour of Masisi, north of the provincial capital of North Kivu, Goma.

The rebels are also accused of rape, kidnapping and looting, committed against the civilian population in retaliation for an attack by mainly Hutu armed groups.

About 4,000 households recently settled in Kitshanga, while the locality was already home to 40,000 families who had arrived years ago during a previous M23 offensive.

“In the camp, we live in difficult conditions, people are starving, we have accommodated families of 5 to 6 people in small houses, the children and their parents altogether, they have nowhere to go. “, explains Vumiliya Perusi, vice-president of the Mungote camp.

Soukaina Sghir

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