Dakhla: Meeting on the impact of innovation on the development of African countries

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The participants in the panel “Impact of innovation on economic development”, held on the sidelines of the third meeting of the Forum of African Associations of Economic Intelligence (FAAIE) in Dakhla, agreed on the importance of innovation to enable African countries to meet the challenges.

Thus, the president of the Academy of Economic Intelligence in France Philippes Clerc called on African countries to rely on innovation to ensure their resilience, security and development in a risky environment, while referring to the crisis of Covid-19 which has disrupted our way of life and prompted us to adapt by relying on digital transformation.

According to the expert, this innovation must concern the tools, methods and modes of action in the field of economic intelligence for African countries which must take up various challenges.

Siham Harroussi, vice-president of FAAIE, agreed with Philippes Clerc, saying that African countries must focus on two key concepts: frugality and agility, concepts that allow for innovation with few resources, insisting on the need for a change of mindset to achieve this.

For his part, Omar Ezziyati, Director of Strategic Intelligence, Innovation and Influence, at Bank of Africa, stressed the importance of influence in order to succeed in an entrepreneurial project, calling on young African entrepreneurs to take action.

Jihane Rmili

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