Morocco-Spain: Strengthening post-match security

Soukaina Sghir
Soukaina Sghir
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The Spanish National Police have stepped up their security apparatus and are preparing for a possible disturbance to public order after Morocco’s match against Spain in the eighth World Cup final in Qatar on Tuesday.

To this end, the Federation of Spanish Islamic Religious Communities (FEERI), the Council of Imams in Almeria and the Moroccan Consulate in Seville have mobilized to raise community awareness.

Spanish police have anticipated chaos and are trying to avoid a repeat of the same incident by warning anti-war forces across Spain of the unrest after Morocco’s victory over Belgium last Sunday when riots broke out in Brussels.

According to a press resource, authorities have been asked to estimate the number of Moroccans in each province and notify them in advance “if they decide it is necessary to send reinforcements.”

Furthermore, according to the same sources, FEERI, a founding member of Spain’s Islamic Commission, addressed the Muslim community present in Spain in a statement she shared on social networks, including respect and tolerance. It claims to have inspired them to demonstrate Islamic practices.

it said, “Muslims may bring joy to some and sorrow to others, whatever the consequences, but these consequences serve our neighbours and the world.” We believe that it should not lead to public confusion that is detrimental to public institutions.”

“The joy of your team’s victory should not lead you to despise others, just as the grief of losing your team should not lead you to destruction and conflict with others.

The same applies to the Imam Center of Almería, which called on the same community, especially Moroccan communities, to “refrain from any actions that may hinder the common well-being and coexistence of the peoples of this good land of Spain”.

The centre also said, “don’t get carried away with actions that don’t respect the law, so please stay out of the streets to celebrate in order to avoid the feverish campaigns being run on various social networks.”

As for the Consulate General of Morocco in Seville, an announcement was published to make the Moroccan community aware of the need to adopt a spirit of sportsmanship, noble values and good behaviour, whatever the outcome of the match.

The Consulate asks everyone to avoid places and infrastructures where the Spanish team’s supporters are concentrated after the match, to avoid altercations that could lead to clashes, cause the destruction of public and private property and threaten the security of citizens.

Nour el Houda Bouzammour

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