Exports from the Moroccan aviation sector typically exceed AED 20 billion

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The aerospace sector will export more than AED20 billion this year, compared to AED15.4 billion in 2021 and AED12.6 billion in 2020.

According to the Foreign Exchange Authority, the aviation sector exported around AED17.6 billion as of the end of October, a 45.4 percent year-on-year increase, indicating that the country’s vital sector is recovering.

The industry’s good performance adds to the record of the automotive sector, which is second only to the phosphate industry and its derivatives in terms of exports.

Morocco is currently home to 142 aerospace companies, providing more than 20,000 jobs, and the Ministry of Industry and Trade aims to attract new business and promote local integration into the aviation industry.

The Ministry itself notes that over the past two decades, Morocco has managed to create a large number of high-quality air bases. Qualified human resources in various disciplines are also available; such as electrical wiring, mechanics, metal fabrication, installation and mechanical assembly.

Morocco has successfully attracted global companies such as Boeing, Airbus, Safran, Haeckel, Ayrton, Alqua and Stelia; they employ qualified Moroccan frameworks across a range of technical and engineering disciplines.

Over the years, the country has kept pace with the industry through financial, industrial real estate and entrepreneurial incentives. The Industrial Development Fund, launched in January 2015, provided AED3 billion to industrial system suppliers during 2014-2020.

In terms of composition, the Industrial Development Acceleration Program helped AVIC expand to a capacity of 1,200 trainees per year to meet the industry’s growing demand for skilled workers. Aviation industry contracting capacity has been provided for direct resource-building support at a rate of AED 60,000 per person.

The Aviation Industry Vocational College is interested in developing frameworks in 8 high value-added areas; B. Plastic supplies, metal forming, assembly, engineering, design, electrical systems and wiring, engine repair, cutting and assembly, maintenance and modification, aircraft customization and disassembly.

Nour el Houda Bouzammour

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