The Mediterranean Dialogue aims to address fundamental issues in the Sahel

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Migration, war, climate change and food insecurity were high on the agenda of the two-day Mediterranean Dialogue meeting in Rome on Friday.

“Today, the Sahel is known for the phenomena of terrorist violence that have occurred over the past decade. “My country, Niger, lies between Mali and the Lake Chad basin. We are facing two of the greatest terrorism activists,” said Niger’s President Mohamed Bazoum.

Hosted by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the conference aims to foster cooperation between Mediterranean countries on security, climate change, migration and food security.

“The European Union’s Mediterranean agenda and initiatives such as the €7 billion investment plan strongly supported by the Italian President, the Global Gateway to mobilize up to €300 billion, and the repower of the EU are the means to move in the right direction. Only by overcoming a holistic approach can we build positive independence in the use and protection of our common resources in the Mediterranean,” said Italian Foreign Minister Antonio Tajani.

Countries such as Mali, Niger, Chad, Nigeria and Burkina Faso have borne the brunt of deadly attacks, with terrorist attacks on the rise within the greater West African bloc, the region is now asking the international community to intervene.

Nour el Houda Bouzammour

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