Rwandan Film Festival Honors African Filmmakers

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Kigali hosted the 8th Mashariki African Film Festival this week, which is the largest film festival in the country and aims to showcase not only Rwandan filmmakers but also those from Africa in general.

This year’s focus was on Afro-futurist-themed films that question the relationship between men and women.

“This year’s theme is Afro-Futurism. Encouraging young directors and producers with the idea of ​​remaking stories and showing a new Africa,” said Trésor Senga, the founder of the Mashariki African Film Festival.

A cinema in central Kigali screened 72 films from the Mashariki Festival competition for a week.

“Rwandan cinema is only just beginning to emerge on the international stage. With the culture here, the traditions of yesteryear and the contemporary approach of Rwandan creators,” claimed Diane Ntahimpera, a Burundian screenwriter.

“Actually, we’re watching these white people making movies. We’re going to watch their movies. We like it as much as we do, but now black people also making movies that we like too

The closing ceremony took place on Friday in the presence of dignitaries such as the daughter of the President of Zimbabwe. This year, three films won awards in the professional film category. In addition, four students won the Jury Prize.

Nour el houda Bouzammour

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