Morocco ranks the 2nd in the Arab world for Internet freedom

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In this year’s Freedom of the Internet Index released by Freedom House, Morocco fell “slightly” and remained in second place in the Arab world, «Morocco ranks highly in the Arab world, but still faces obstacles to reach the desired level”.

The International Foundation said Morocco “does not monitor the prevention of political or social content”, while Algeria is included in the general agreement due to “regime closure and lack of openness to international organizations”.

The index gave an average of 13 out of 25 points to States imposing restrictions on Internet access, and the Kingdom received 11 out of 35 points on the level of restriction of content promoted on the Web, a relatively good rate. The third criterion was the violation of Internet users’ rights, with Morocco receiving a rate of 23 out of 40 points awarded to the worst.

In contrast, the International Foundation was unable to classify Algeria’s eastern neighbours, Because it is known to refuse to do business with international organizations.

Furthermore, Freedom House is a US-based informal research organization on democracy, political freedom and human rights. This report, published for the 12th consecutive year, assesses internet freedom in 70 countries, which account for 89% of the world’s internet users.

In the same matter, Russia has announced the biggest decline in internet freedom, citing Russia’s invasion of Ukraine as an influence on Moscow’s decision to block some social networks and thwart the country’s anti-aggression debate. Experienced. The index uses quantitative metrics to rate each state’s degree of online freedom out of 100 through 21 separate indicators covering a range of barriers to online freedom.

Nour el Houda Bouzammour

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