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Soukaina Sghir
Soukaina Sghir
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Former Mexican author and diplomat Andrés Ordóñez recently published a report on the Moroccan Sahara, with the aim of educating the public of Mexico and Latin America on the history and reality of this controversial controversy, and on its merits, A new author has published that sheds light on the subject.

According to the author, the book, published by the Independent National University of Mexico, aims to better understand how the Polisario and Front fought the conflict over Morocco’s Sahara, beginning with the early days of the Cold War and its aftermath.

They received generous support from Algeria and used it to misrepresent historical facts and further the separatist claims.

Divided into 16 axes, it also discusses the Mexican government’s position on Morocco’s Sahara issue and its current and future implications for bilateral relations with the Kingdom of Morocco and Mexico’s national interests on the African continent.

Ordóñez stressed that “the circumstances of this unconvincing conflict and developments throughout these years, particularly at the United Nations and the United Nations Security Council levels, unquestionably confirm the strength of Morocco’s position and highlight its serious efforts to develop its Sahara, which this release seeks to further highlight”.

The release of Al-Bashir Al-Dakhil, a researcher and chairman of the International Alternatives Forum, said: These years of service are open to the whole world today.”

“Unfortunately, for more than 40 years, many have dared to believe the Polisario’s false narrative and support for Algeria in its dispute with Morocco over the Sahara.”

This 72-page book outlines the early beginnings of the Polisario separatist movement and the background to the financial and military support it received from Algeria in particular and those who enjoyed the illusion of solving Africa’s problems.

The author also lists the history of the development of Moroccan-Mexico relations at many levels and ways to advance relations between the two countries in difficult international situations, as well as their position in the conflict in the conflict between Mexico and Latin America. increase. Sahara.

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