Rabat and Riyad Sign Memorandum of Understanding on Tourism

Soukaina Sghir
Soukaina Sghir
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Morocco and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) in Marrakech on Thursday. The aim is to strengthen cooperation in the tourism sector and harmonize efforts for the sustainable development of the two countries tourism industries.

Initialled by Minister of Tourism, Crafts, Society and Solidarity Economy Fatim Zahra Ammor and Minister of Tourism of Saudi Arabia Ahmed Al Khatib at the 117th Council of the World Tourism Organization (OMT). The agreement provides a framework for sharing tourism expertise, identifying investment opportunities and developing human capital.

This Memorandum of Understanding between Morocco and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia illustrates the vision shared by the two brother nations and marks a turning point in their cooperation in the tourism sector. This will lead to more joint initiatives, the sharing of experiences and best practices, and enable both countries to advance their tourism sector and realize its full potential in this industry.” The signing of this document is at the end of the formula.

This agreement will help develop all possibilities for cooperation to promote the tourism sector between the two countries,” Ammor added.

In a similar statement, Al-Khateeb claimed that he was delighted to have signed this agreement between the two brother nations, adding that “ MoU “will support several tourism-related projects, including I mentioned that it covers the field. B. Tourism promotion and education between the two countries.

Saudi Arabia and Morocco share a common commitment to preserving their rich cultural and natural heritage, including oceans, mountains and deserts while keeping young talent at the centre of their development plans,” he added.

“Sustainability is at the heart of tourism in Saudi Arabia and by working with like-minded partners like Morocco, we hope to strengthen this sector not only locally but globally. It’s about making it more sustainable, inclusive and resilient for people and communities,” he said.

Al-Khateeb stressed that “this treaty will likely strengthen the historic and strong relationship between the two brother nations and open up new prospects for cooperation in sharing expertise.” The MoU will facilitate more investment opportunities in tourism between the two countries and allow for a significant transfer of tourism know-how and education.

As the global tourism sector continues to seek solutions to better recover from Covid-19, the MoU will allow Morocco and Saudi Arabia to learn from each other’s experiences and pave new avenues for cooperation and growth.

Morocco and Saudi Arabia recognize the potential of their tourism sector to support local economic development while promoting local job creation.

The MoU supports sustainable tourism efforts, enhances education and knowledge sharing, and introduces new opportunities for tourism investment.

Saudi Arabia is now one of Morocco’s most important partners in the Arab world. In 2020, the country invested US$26.6 million in Morocco’s many sectors, including real estate, agriculture and tourism.

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