Monument commemorating Vietnamese history in Morocco

Soukaina Sghir
Soukaina Sghir
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The “Vietnam Door” Memorial was inaugurated on Thursday at the Kenitra Safari Roundabout, attended by ambassadors and dignitaries from different perspectives.

The monument is traditionally the pope of a Vietnamese village, built of tiles and decorated with dragon ornaments imported from Vietnam and stone-carved designs by artisans from the Taza region.

two sentences were written on the door expressing the family’s feelings in Morocco and Vietnam, embodying her nostalgia for her native Vietnam, and calling for a deepening friendship between the two countries.

The establishment of this safari-rotary monument, located in the Lower Amer Group, at the initiative of the Embassy of Vietnam in Rabat, celebrates the friendship between Rabat and Hanoi and coincided with Vietnam’s 77th National Day.

Knowing that the Ambassador of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, Morocco, Dang Tehe-ha, delivered collectively many Moroccan squaddies who had fled the colonial military and fought alongside the Vietnamese to make a contribution to her country’s liberation.

Relations between the 2 peoples date returned to the Indo-Chinese War (1946-1954) whilst younger Moroccan squaddies, then recruited into the French colonial power, have become concerned earlier than becoming a member of “Hu Chi Minh’s” (Vietnam Independence Front).

recorded that the “Vietnam Door” in Morocco and the “Morocco Door” in Vietnam, which became constructed with the aid of using Moroccan squaddies between 1956 and 1960 withinside the capital Hanoi, represented the first-rate expression of the shared values of the 2 countries.

For his part, Mustafa Alkatiri, High Representative of the Veterans of the Resistance and individuals of the Liberation Army, who chairs the Vietnamese-Moroccan Friendship Association, welcomed the status quo of the monument with safari rotors alongside the traces of Bab Morocco, positioned withinside the relaxation of northern Hanoi.

Alkatiri said that the new monument aims to preserve and honour the historical memory of both countries and to highlight their common past sharing in struggles and sacrifices for liberation and decolonial. He explained.

Abdoulahe Afifi, secretary general of the Ministry of Youth, Culture and Communications said, “the launch of the milestone reflected the strong ties between Morocco and Vietnam, strengthened by the signing of many cooperation agreements.”

Rahma Allam, a Moroccan who grew up in Vietnam before joining a young family in her home country, expressed her joy at the celebration, which was able to bring together 80 Moroccan-Vietnamese families living in the kingdom.

Safari Roundabout, also known as Vietnam Village, was originally founded by her seven Moroccan-Vietnamese families of Moroccan soldiers who fought for Vietnam and married Vietnamese women. They were deported on the orders of the late Hassan II, who gave them farmland in Kenitra.

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