Moroccan auto industry sets new export record

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Morocco’s motor vehicle sector has set a new record for motor vehicle exports this year, forecasting sales of AED 100 billion by the end of 2022, Industry and Trade Minister Ryad Mezzour said on Tuesday.

Ryad Mezzour, in his weekly oral question session at the Council Chamber this Tuesday, November 22nd, said that the main objective of the National Automobile Strategy, on the one hand, is to reach 100,000 vehicles by 2025 instead of 700,000. It revealed that it is to reach the production capacity of 10,000 cars. Cars, it’s his one capacity at the moment in the industry. The Stellantis Group is working to increase the Peugeot factory’s production to 250,000 units.

According to the minister, production capacity will total 970,000 vehicles by 2025 thanks to a previously announced 20,000 electric vehicle and factory construction project by the Renault Tangier Group, bringing it even closer to the target.

Mezzour also noted that 64% of auto parts are made in Morocco, a rate that should reach 69% by the end of this year, with the government’s goal to increase the integration rate to 80%. added. The Kingdom is striving to become one of the most competitive platforms in the automotive industry at an international level, he said, adding that the same pace Morocco has achieved in just three years will be maintained. He said that this goal would be realized soon., has achieved remarkable results.

One of the main goals of the strategy, he said, is to eliminate carbon from industry, adding that the government is currently working on it. In order to keep the same price for families and businessmen so that they can benefit from clean electric energy at a price 30% lower than the price currently proposed by all Moroccan automakers.

Nour el Houda Bouzammour

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