International conference revitalizes the institutions of tourism sector in Morocco’s big cities

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Given the sheer number of cultural and economic forums hosted by many major cities, after a remarkable recovery over the past two months, the positive outlook for the ‘Conference Tourism’ mission for industry professionals is A credible credential.

Several cities in Morocco have hosted a number of events in recent weeks that have attracted courtship and international repercussions. This has a positive impact on the local economy and benefits from this positive tourism dynamic.

Exhibition and conference tourism are concentrated on the Casablanca-Marrakech-Tangier axis. This has helped revitalize the autumn tourism sector after the previous hiatus as a result of the coronavirus outbreak in the kingdom.

The “capital of Alhamra” has drawn great interest in the organization of the conference by preparing the infrastructure to receive the participating delegations, making Marrakech an economic and cultural event competing to host field events.

It has become an international destination for Conference and exhibition activities contribute significant economic benefits to tourism professionals, Especially from September to January each year, as participating delegations take advantage of these meetings to explore the city of residence.

In this regard, Zoubir bouhout, an expert and researcher in the tourism sector, said, “The high season for tourism is not only summer but there are other high seasons that basically start in October.”

“October and November will witness significant tourism dynamics following economic and social entry and the organization of national and international conferences in many major cities.” Zoubir Bouhout said.

“These meetings and conferences are difficult to hold in the summer, so organizers have to wait until the fall,” the expert continued, adding that “the forum will be focused mainly on cities with infrastructure. There are,” he emphasized.

Nour el Houda Bouzammour

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